10 reasons to choose drupal over other CMS and web development technologies

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10 reasons to choose drupal over other CMS and web technologies

As one of the more technically advanced content management system (CMS) options available today, Drupal remains favored by innumerable developers and powers over a million websites, including government website. This CMS and web application development framework is used throughout the world by media companies to create software as a service, e-commerce websites, intranets and social networking sites, in addition to powering dynamic web presences for enterprises and non-profits, large and small.

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The management interface of Drupal 7

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the management interface of Drupal 7 is the place from which to administer our website. In this section you can perform all administrative tasks that can be performed in a web Drupal, provided we have the appropriate permissions to perform them. In all installations Drupal, the user that created the website has absolutely all the permissions assigned, and can not limit access to anything. We create users can be assigned to certain roles, each with its permits, so some of the menu options here explain not appear if you do not have the appropriate privileges to use them. Continue reading “The management interface of Drupal 7”

Manual of Drupal 7

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drupal_1With Drupal 7 tThe first chapters begin with the basic use of the page, with content editing, uploading of images, correct use of links, etc. To go into the world of architecture from different parts of our website to make it more friendly face to SEO, as well as a number of good practices in structuring our content. Modification and creation of menus, blocks and others will also be other topics for the following deliveries. Continue reading “Manual of Drupal 7”

Introduction to the structure of Drupal 7

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Today we will focus on making a basic introduction to the structure of Drupal to understand how content and different elements are structured initial form. Later we will go deeper into each of the elements for a better understanding. Drupal is well structured with different areas, different content and different structures but getting an extraordinary flexibility in all structures. More to the point, a basic list of the different elements of Drupal are as follows: Continue reading “Introduction to the structure of Drupal 7”


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At thebeeblogger.com, we carry our job with professionalism and pride. Our terms and conditions below are set to give you confidence and peace of mind on our professional services. If there is any term or condition that prevents you from dealing with us, we will look at it, and if reasonable, we’ll consider its exclusion as part of our agreement.
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Savvy words…..

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We engage with who has the right and forget what is the right thing to do.

The heavies’ thing you can carry is your own hate.

Careful with your words, they can cut your own tong.

If you want your dreams came true, don’t fall sleep.

From all the things that you own, your expression is the most important.

The best vitamin to have friends B-1.

The happiness in your life dependent in the quality of your thoughts.

Searching for happiness is the fight of your life.

Nobody said that life was easy; only promise that it worth the shot.

Your ideas won’t work unless you believe in them.

One thing you can keep or give away: your word.

If you need courage to start you are already done.

Your mine is like parachute, work only when you open it.

You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

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Edit Node Problem

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when you edit an already posted subject in the forum, for example, the “edit node” form appears without the border box. But when you create new content there’s no problem at all. The theme is the original one, without modifications, downloaded directly from drupal.org (acrylic-6.x-1.1), installed in a brand new drupal 6.

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Drupal-Desktop or DD.

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Few weeks ago a good friend of my and I sat and talked about stuff that will make the use of Drupal easer. We mentioned many things but one of them caught my attention. We talk about creating a widget or desktop app that were capable of interact with Drupal and bring the administrator some information without have to open the browser, like: users online, recent posts, messages, chat, newsletters, etc…. later that day I research about it and find out that adobe air is the way to go ( for me). Continue reading “Drupal-Desktop or DD.”