Manual of Drupal 7

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drupal_1With Drupal 7 tThe first chapters begin with the basic use of the page, with content editing, uploading of images, correct use of links, etc. To go into the world of architecture from different parts of our website to make it more friendly face to SEO, as well as a number of good practices in structuring our content. Modification and creation of menus, blocks and others will also be other topics for the following deliveries.

The reason for the creation of a tutorial for Drupal 7 is, on the one hand, avoid repeated questions asked by our customers, usually a few months after the formation; on the other, serve as a knowledge base that can carry out all the desired changes without the need to search the net for an extensive collection of gorgeous items but with as many or more items of little value. Must see this guide as it is, a user manual for the different options that the modules preinstalamos on our websites made with Drupal 7.

We hope this guide is clear and understandable, suggestions for the publication of new chapters so that we get guidance on Drupal 7 fullest possible allowed.