Drupal-Desktop or DD.

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Few weeks ago a good friend of my and I sat and talked about stuff that will make the use of Drupal easer. We mentioned many things but one of them caught my attention. We talk about creating a widget or desktop app that were capable of interact with Drupal and bring the administrator some information without have to open the browser, like: users online, recent posts, messages, chat, newsletters, etc…. later that day I research about it and find out that adobe air is the way to go ( for me).
Now, it needs to be cross-platform capable and I don’t know if air can do it. We planning to start with windows vista and windows mobile (yes from your phone, is it not cool?). Currently, we are using Aptana Studio. We would like to hear your opinion about it, just anything that you think, we may use it. We agree to call it Drupal-Desktop or DD, you like it? Please, let me know.