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Recently I have choosen the “Vigilianty” theme as the theme for my personal website. It’s a very nice theme, however I found some issues with the default style. In this topic I will post the issues I encounter(ed).

The issues I find I will try to solve myself as well. If I find a solution I will post it here as well, so others can benefit from it (or it can be incoporated into the default style). Any suggestions or improvements to my posts are offcourse very welcome!

Solution –

As I had mentioned before…….

For editing and administrating use “marvin” so far is one of the best themes for administration.
This is one of my projects:
_creating a new administration theme capable of handling the grate variety of modules (every module have different ways of interact with the theme, especially “views” and “CCK”)meaning the theme for your web site or front theme, usually won’t work well with this modules unless you theme is plain.
The other project that I’m getting deep in now and is taking all my time is:
_ a desktop ad-dons or widget for windows vista and mobile phones that interact with your Drupal website and let you know the status of your Drupal website (information like users log-in, emails sent, comments left, visitors, Updates, etc…) I think this will be a cool idea, we planning to call it “Drupal-Desktop” and is going to be base in Adobe Air. Like “Ebay-Desktop”.

I will need someone with programming experience and please your opinion will be always welcome, don’t be shy.