Edit Node Problem

Categories Blog, Drupal

when you edit an already posted subject in the forum, for example, the “edit node” form appears without the border box. But when you create new content there’s no problem at all. The theme is the original one, without modifications, downloaded directly from drupal.org (acrylic-6.x-1.1), installed in a brand new drupal 6.


The solution to the problem is to add two more tpl files. Since there is a ‘page-node.tpl.php’ it overrides the default ‘page.tpl.php’ template for all /node/* pages. The ‘page-node.tpl.php’ template does not contain the border box around the content, since (in normal view mode) the ‘node.tpl.php’ template will take care of that (for the node content).

However in other modes for the node (like add and edit) the border box should be incorporated in the page template. For the add mode this is done in the ‘page-node-add.tpl.php’ template. To solve the issue for the other modes the template files ‘page-node-edit.tpl.php’ and ‘page-node-outline.php’ should be added to the theme (both similar to ‘page-node-add.tpl.php’).